Eagle Editions | EC92: Fw 190 F-8s Luftflotte 4 & SG 4

Reviewed by Mark Proulx

Eagle Editions has released EC#92 and provides us with four interesting schemes for the Hasegawa Fw 190F-8 in 1/32nd scale. Additional choices can be found with EC#91, reviewed here.

The first option is from Luftflotte 4. “Yellow 2”, W.Nr. 586875 was photographed at Neubiberg in May 1945. Previously, this F-8 was believed to be “Green 2” as it was photographed by “Green Double Chevron” available with EC#91. This Fw 190F-8 is finished RLM 74/75/76.

The next choice is “Green 7” of Stab I./SG4. The werknummer and pilot are unknown. This aircraft displays a very rare marking of the number “7” with German style quote marks. It is finished RLM 74/75/75 with patches of RLM 83 Dark Green.

The third aircraft is “White 11” of 1./SG 4. Like the previous aircraft, the werknummer and pilot are not identified. The colorful Mediterranean finish is RLM 76/79/80.

The fourth aircraft is “Yellow 11”, W.Nr. 681330 in markings used by Luftflotte 4. Originally the aircraft was built as an Fw 190A-8 by Fieseler. Later it was rebuilt to F-8 configuration. It is finished RLM 76/75/83.

The instructions provide all the necessary information for the modeler. This includes side profiles, a listing of all available references and six photos of each of the four aircraft.

The decals are printed by Microscale. They follow the same format as EC#91, with specific aircraft markings on one sheet and common markings on the other. Given Microscale’s reputation for quality printing, I expect no problem with these decals.

Eagle Editions continues to provide the modeler with accurate decals and resin parts for 1/32nd scale aircraft. Fw 190F-8s were very colorful and I expect this sheet to sell well. If accuracy is important to you, then I recommend giving EagleCals a try.

Review Sample Compliments of Eagle Editions.

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