Eagle Editions | EC87: Heinkel He 162

Reviewed by Mark Proulx

Eagle Editions provides the modeler with eight optional decal schemes for the Heinkel 162 in 1/32nd scale. These decals are to be used with the Revell Germany kit, which was initially released in 2004. The markings are provided spanning two separate sheets. This is a review of the second sheet, whereas EC#86 can be reviewed here.

Like their earlier decal sheet, four choices from JG 1 are available. The first is “White 4”, W.Nr. 120067 from 1./JG 1. The pilot for this aircraft is unknown.

Next is “Yellow 11”, W.Nr 120074, flown by Oblt. Karl Demuth when he was Staffelkapitan of 3./JG 1. These markings are supplied in the kit, yet they are inaccurate as identified with the instructions from Eagle Editions.

The third option is “Yellow 3”, W.Nr. 120072 flown by Lt. Gerhard Stiemer with 3./JG 1. These markings are also provided in Revell Germany’s 2004 release.

Rounding out the list is ”White 5”, W.Nr. 310018. This He 162 was flown by Hptm. Heinz Kunnecke while based at Leck Germany in May 1945.

The instructions provide complete painting details incorporating side, upper and lower views. The official color diagram is included, however there are variations between RLM 81/82/83 and RLM 70/71 as stated in the text. For modelers wishing to make there own interpretations, five previously published photos are included. Additional references are identified for those modelers with access to a good reference library. Complete stenciling information is also provided.

The decals are printed over a single page. Printing looks very good with no visible carrier film and I anticipate little trouble applying them. National insignias are supplied for two aircraft, however adequate stenciling is provided for a single subject. Modelers can find additional stenciling with the kit if needed.

Eagle Editions continues their trend of supplying well-researched markings for the scale model builder. I can recommend these decals without hesitation as they provide viable alternatives to the kit supplied markings.

Review Sample Compliments of Eagle Editions.

© Mark Proulx 2006

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