Supermarine Walrus at Hendon

Photos By Phil Brenton

Walrus Walk-Round Notes

Firstly, can I say my knowledge of this aircraft is pretty limited so if I refer to anything incorrectly then please don't take me to task. I wasn't able to get completely around the aircraft, nor was I unable to get inside, but I've tried to capture areas I think relevant to the modeller. I do not know how good the new HpH kit is so I may draw attention to things that are included or maybe not. I will try to include picture references to show what I'm going on about wherever possible.

The aircraft is pretty symmetrical with the following exceptions.

A flattened tube on the port side nose of the aircraft. (Bilge pump drain???) It's notable that there is a space behind this, it's not flush with the fuselage all the way.

Bracket and pitot tubes? on port outer wing strut.

Nav lights are the usual wingtip jobs but with a black plastic cover on the inner side to shield from the pilot.

There is an additional white light mounted on a post on the upper wing above the engine slightly offset. Looks to have a bracing bracket at the bottom. I can only presume this is for when the thing is in boat mode as shipping requires a white light mounted high up in addition to red/green side lights.

Landing light under starboard wing only.

R/T aerial wire routing.

Two wires from a post on top of rudder.

These go to two alu posts with bakelite insulators on top, on the upper wing which look to be mounted towards the leading edge inside the outer main struts.

Wires then run to two big brown bakelite insulators on either side of the fuse just behind the cockpit windows on both sides.

The windscreen has opening front and side windows. I don't know how far they will go with these on the kit but pics here.


Noticeable differences in thickness in certain wires. The thicker wires look like steel rods. Pictures show the difference. The cross wires from the lower to outer upper wing front and rear is the steel rod where the other side of the "cross" is thinner rigging wire. Don't forget the sliver "bullet" that ties them together. This is mirrored on the starboard side. These thicker "rods" are also used on the rigging under the engine etc.

Finally the bombsight? Mounted externally on the starboard nose. God help you with this beauty!!!!! P4095053.

The Hendon example had bombs mounted on one side only. I would imagine this would be rare in operational use due to balance etc. Under wing pics show additional spaces for racks for depth charges? Enjoy the kit!!!!!

Walkaround Photos

The photo gallery below contains the entire photo set for this walkaround, including those used to illustrate points in the text above.

© Phil Brenton 2013

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