Messerschmitt Bf 109F trop

Photos By Max Otten

Photos were taken at the South African Military History Museum, Johannesburg (South Africa) in 2015.

Like the Hurricane, the Messerschmitt Bf 109F is mounted up fairly high so you don’t get to see much of the top, but there are some interesting views of the bottom.

Photos 1 through 3 (above) show the aircraft from various angles. Photo 4 (above) shows the nose art in more detail. Photo 5 (above) shows the connection between the horizontal stabilizer and the tail. Note that the elevator is turned up quite high so it isn’t visible but you do see the gap in the tail and the rod that connects both elevators.

Photos 6 through 10 (above) show the starboard wheel well in some detail. Photo 6 is looking from the side towards the fuselage. At the bottom of the photo you can just see the top of the leg. Photo 7 is more from the front. At the bottom, further back, is the radiator. Photo 8 is taken while turning even further and shows the back and outboard wall of the wheel well. Photo 9 goes further again and has the outboard wall in the right and front center-left. Finally, photo 10 (unfortunately not as well in focus as I would have liked) shows the top of the gear leg.

Photo 11 (above) shows the radiator flap from the back. Photos 12 and 13 (above) show the air intake underneath the nose.

Finally, photos 14 and 15 (above) are of the wing attachment point that sticks out a bit underneath the wing. Photo 14 is almost from directly below. The inlet to the left is that of the radiator. Photo 15 is the same attachment point seen more from the back.

© Max Otten 2015

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