Rolls-Royce Avon Engine

Photos By Matt Gannon

The Rolls Royce Avon engine is famous for powering many aircraft of the '50s and '60s. Given the English Electric Canberra's use during the Air War in Vietnam and our ongoing group build I figured these photos might be handy.

RR Avons are a common exhibit at aircraft museums and plenty of images are available on the web. the detail shots will hopefully interest anyone who likes engines (like moi!) and assist super detailers who simply want to go nuts on a model kit. The colours visible in the photos will certainly be of broad assistance in choosing which paints to use when building other jet engines. Besides, could there 'ever' enough reference material?

Hope you enjoy the examples from Temora Aviation Museum and the Australian National Aviation Museum (aka: Moorabbin Air Museum). Both are great places with truly unique exhibits for aviation enthusiasts to visit.

© Matt Gannon 2014

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