Aires | He 162 Flaps

Reviewed by Dan LoRusso

For the most part the Aires He 162 is a straight replacement. The tail section is exactly that, a resin replacement for the Revell parts with position-able rudder sections. I did, however notice ghost numerical images on the rudder surfaces. These are there no doubt, to aid the modeler in making their placement correctly. I won't know if they appear once the parts are primed until I get to that point. They do appear to be an extremely quick fix with some wet/dry sanding film if they do show up.

With all the control surfaces as separate pieces the modeler can bring the Revell kit to life without any hacking as far as the tail is concerned. The replacement wing control surfaces do call for the modeler to remove these sections from the kit and thin down the inner surface of each wing section for a resin insert which is where the new control surfaces are attached. This does not seem to be a daunting task for anyone with some modeling experience.

A small 2-sided instruction sheet (all diagrams) is included in the set to show you the way. A nice plus to Revell's latest addition to the world of Large Scale Planes!

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This review was published on Saturday, July 02 2011; Last modified on Sunday, June 10 2018