RCResins | RC32002 F-105 D-G Exterior Upgrade Set in 1/32nd Scale

Reviewed by Mark Proulx

RC Resins has just released a new 1/32nd scale F-105 D-G Exterior Upgrade set designed to be used with the new Trumpeter kits. This coincides with the release of the RC Resins corrected vertical fin.

I first chose to purchase the new set from RC Resins when I discovered them while surfing on the Internet. A quick e-mail to the owner, Roy Counce was promptly replied to. That is always a good sign. I was advised that Papal was a suitable method of payment and I quickly followed through with the transaction. Exactly one week later, I had my new F-105 parts in the mailbox from the UK. Now that is very prompt service!

The sturdy box contained a number of resin items for the F-105. They can be used on the F-105D or G variant. A detailed set of four page, illustrated instructions are included to assist the modeler with the necessary modifications. While they aren't for the feint of heart, most modelers with previous resin experience should have very little difficulty.

The resin pieces consist of the following items:

1. Afterburner Cooling Intakes
2. Avionics Bay Intake (F-105G)
3. Air Intakes & Intake Variable Ramp Mechanism (IVRM) Parts
4. Exhaust Petals
5. Ventral Fin and Arrester Hook Sides

The first items to examine are the Afterburner Cooling Air Intakes. The items from RC Resins differ from Trumpeter as the intake openings are sectioned into thirds. They are hollowed out and are direct replacement parts for the kit items. Modelers should note that these intakes were not fitted on early "D" models, although some were retrofitted. References should be checked carefully if trying to achieve accuracy. Close examination reveals some small air bubbles, but overall they are quite good. A small casting block needs to be removed from the aft end of the intake. I would refer to Detail & Scale Vol. 8 on the F-105 so as to determine the correct shape.

The Avionics Bay Intake is fitted to the F-105G only. Though the item supplied by Trumpeter is very good, the RC Resins piece more closely resembles photos of the unit from Detail & Scale.

The RC Resins air intakes are really the jewel of this set. They include the Intake Variable Ramp Mechanisms (IVRM), which Trumpeter overlooked. These items are quite visible in photos of the F-105. The inner surfaces of the intakes are built up to avoid a resulting lip on the inner surfaces, similar to a situation that modelers are aware of with the Tamiya F-4 series in 1/32nd scale. The intakes are detailed with nicely executed scribed panel lines. Some surgery of the Trumpeter wings is required, so caution must be exercised to avoid errors. Modelers would be well advised to remember "Measure Twice, Cut Once". Very precise cutting and installation details are included with the instructions.

Four exhaust petals are included. There is some minor flash, which is easily cleaned up. They are direct replacements for the kit parts and enable the modeler to attach them in the closed position. The outer surfaces are detailed with raised rivets like the real aircraft and duplicated by Trumpeter. However, unlike the kit, these items are not cursed with ejection pin marks.

The last item included with this resin set is a replacement Ventral Fin and Arrester Hook Assembly. The fin as supplied by Trumpeter is not tapered enough and the front is too rounded. RC Resins corrects this with a solid piece resin fin. Panel lines are scribed, though they don't appear to be uniform overall. A large casting block needs to be removed. The instructions identify how to remove the Ventral Fin from the Trumpeter fuselage as they are molded on. Again, care and attention would be advised.

RC Resins also supply two new Arrester Hook sides. They have hinge points for the hook built up on the inner surfaces. They are nicely detailed and designed to be used with the arrester hook in the kit.

Overall, I am very satisfied with this new product from Roy Counce and RC Resins. At the time of this review future items are planned. Look for RC32003 available in the near future. This will include early and late nose wheels, main wheels and tires with separate hubs. While a website is being considered, one is not available at the time of this review. Modelers wishing to contact RC Resins may do so at: rcresins@btopenworld.com.

© Mark Proulx 2003

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This review was published on Saturday, July 02 2011; Last modified on Wednesday, May 18 2016