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Reviewed by Matt Gannon

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Montex are offering an even greater array of mask and resin products this month for the latest Hasegawa, Eduard, PCM, Special Hobby, Czech Model, Tamiya and Dragon kits. In the interests of completeness I've also added some additional images of mask products that LSP didn't get in the initial product update.

First off are the mini-masks which are for painting the canopies both inside and out. There are no national insignias but should make the process of getting perfectly painted canopies less tedious and eye-straining than Tamiya tape application.

They are listed as:

Secondly is the batch are the maxi- masks. These contain masks for painting both inside and outside of the canopies, stencils for distinctive paintings: national emblems and tactical and functional symbols (bows, crosses, stars, letters, numbers, chevrons etc.)

Third in our update are the awesome Super mask sets. Each Super Mask set includes masks for all glass canopy surfaces and the main markings for two different aircraft. For those modelers who desire an alternative to the OOB scheme the new super-Masks offer a reliable solution and welcome alternative.

The additional supermask sets offer a range of attractive and interesting schemes. What I particularly like about masks is the flexibility of painting colours to your taste. With decals you are constrained to what has been produced for application. However, with masks you have the flexibility of changing or tweaking things to suit your own personal taste and research.

Of course some noseart on WW2 aircraft is pretty complex to replicate with masks. Montex has a mask set D3201 which includes some decals for nose art and a maxi-mask set for up to four aircraft. Perfect for a great Christmas present for your LSP mate. I have included some pictures for you to peruse.

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