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Reviewed by Mark Proulx

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Eagle Editions has just released their long waited for P-51D Mustang decals in 1/32nd scale. This is a review of the second of three new offerings depicting aircraft flown by the aces of the 357th FG, the famous Yoxford Boys.

With this release, Eagle Editions provide three new schemes:

  1. "Ol Flak Joe" is a camouflaged P-51D-10-NA flown by Lt. William Fricker.
  2. B6?F is a natural metal P-51D-15-NA displaying a large Winged Ace of Clubs on the cowl. This aircraft was flown by Major Donald Bochkay who was credited with 13½ victories.
  3. Frenesi is a camouflaged P-51D-5-NA. This colorful Mustang was flown by Major Tommy Hayes Jr. who claimed victories in the Pacific and European theaters of operation.

Tom Tullis provides his exquisite airbrush profiles with the instructions. These are also published in To War With The Yoxford Boys available from Eagle Editions and reviewed elsewhere on LSP. The instructions include complete painting and decal placement details with very brief pilot notes.

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The decals are printed over two pages. Each appears thin and in perfect register. Decals representing the yellow and red checker ID markings for the forward fuselage are provided for both the Hasegawa and Dragon kits. There are enough stencils and national insignia to allow the modeler to complete a single aircraft.

Unfortunately, one of the schemes provided with this release is for an early P-51D before the fin fillet became a standard feature. Consequently, some modification work will need to be preformed on the 1/32nd scale kits to accurately represent Frenesi.

EagleCals continue their tradition of providing modelers with attractive, alternative markings for their scale models. Given the popularity of the P-51 Mustang and its association with the 357th FG I am confident these markings will prove to be very popular. I recommend them without hesitation.

Review Sample Compliments of Eagle Editions.

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