Elite Models | F-105D/G Landing Gear

Reviewed by Le Vander McGinnis

I just happened to come across this product and its maker by luck at a local contest and just had to have them...I bought the last set!!! I have cast metal landing gear set from two other companies but these are far better in detail…in my own opinion. What do you get? 2 Main landing gear struts, 1 Nose gear strut, 1 Nose gear retraction strut, and the Nose gear steering cylinders all in a small zip-loc for $20.00US. No instructions included but you will need to use the kit instructions to add the kit parts

This set is by far the best I’ve seen designed to replace the Trumpeter F-105 kits main and nose gear main assemblies. There are two other products to date that are cast in white metal, this set is cast in brass and the detail and casting quality are matchless when compared to the others…hands down!!!

The modeler will have to remove the excess casting lug on the nose gear steering cylinders (use the kit part for reference). Clean-up of the very faint mold seams is a snap… you will spend more time on the kit parts doing the same due to the filling of the ejector pin marks. I spent about ten minutes on mine using 400 grit wet/dry sand paper followed up with “0000” steal wool and they look great!!! A coat of Mr. Surfacer 1000 and they are ready for paint; you will be motivated to clear the work bench for the big Trumpeter kit.

When set beside the kit parts, they are just as detailed…but now you have the added confidence that the weight of the 105 will be supported by these after market jewels, your F-105 will not “shimmy and shake” The main landing gear struts have the torque link scissors cast on and cut outs for mounting the kit parts (landing light and retraction strut. The nose gear also has cutouts to accept the kit parts also, there’s even molded on hydraulic/electrical lines molded on. The nose gear retraction strut has a very snug fit when fitted which gives way to the quality of the casting. I highly recommend this aftermarket set to modelers building the Trumpeter F-105D/G.

Ernie has other products all with the same quality cast in brass, I picked up his 1:48 F-4 set and plan to get his awesome F/A-18 wing fold hinge set (review coming soon). For more information on his detailed products you can contact him for his future releases. Thank you, Ernie for the fine products and allowing me to do this review.

Product by:
Ernie Gee
1210 W. Mocaga Rd
Fresno, CA 93711

© Le Vander McGinnis 2005

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This review was published on Saturday, July 02 2011; Last modified on Wednesday, May 18 2016