Fightertown Decals | FTD32006: F-14D, Felix 101

Reviewed by Randy Bumgardner

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Fightertown Decals is known for their excellent decal schemes for Naval jets - especially the F-14A, B, and/or D. I'm sure everyone remembers the cartoon character Felix the Cat, especially the incarnation of Felix that was associated with VF-31. So, Fightertown Decals have produced this set of decals that covers three marking schemes of Felix 101.

The set depicts three schemes of Felix 101, from April of 2002 through to October 2006. The aircraft that served as Felix 101 was an F-14D, BuNo. 164603. This set contains the following markings for Felix 101:

  1. Felix "Bandwagon" 101, OEF/OIF, July 2002 - May 2003
  2. Felix "Bandwagon" 101, Last Tomcat Cruise, September 2005 - March 2006
  3. Felix "Bandwagon" 101, April 2006 - September 2006, Retirement

The decal and painting guides are in full color and contain lots of notes for the modeler. Pay close attention to those notes and take your time.

Image schemes01 Image schemes02 Image schemes03

The registration and colors are great. The decals themselves are nice and thin with minimal carrier film bordering each decal. Sized for the Tamiya F-14A kits, these provide a wonderful alternative to the kit decals. The modeler should have no problems applying them to their kit. Fightertown, like previous releases, has also included decals for landing gear placards, ejection seat placards (F-14D NACES), and placards for the BOL Sidewinder rails and LANTIRN pod.

Image decals01 Image decals02 Image decals03 Image decals04

Fightertown Decals continues to provide the modeler building U.S. Navy jet aircraft with a plethora of great choices, and these decals certainly follow that trend. These marking schemes will certainly have other modelers and spectators stopping by to take a look.

A big "Thank You!" to Fightertown Decals for the review samples.

Fightertown Decals are available for purchase on their website.

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