Crossdelta | AE32002: 1/32 VF-84 F-14A Tomcats

Reviewed by Chris Sherland

A newcomer to the decal aftermarket is "Crossdelta." This is one of their first decal offerings in large scale, and they have used our good friends at Hobbydecal for production.

While they may be a fresh face on the scene, this initial review sample is very high detail. The sheet is exclusively Dry Transfer and offers markings for 3 Jolly Roger Tomcats during their last year in active service with VF-84.

The set comes with a poster sized instruction sheet that is suitable for framing and features port and starboard profiles for all three aircraft as well as top and bottom stencil guides, all printed in full color. There is a generous amount of reference text as well.

The sheet is designed for the Tamiya Tomcat but would probably work fine on the Revell as well. It offers a unique set of aircraft to portray and is very well printed from accurate and clean master artwork.

The set is recommended.

Thanks to Crossdelta for the review sample. You can contact Crossdelta for purchasing information at

© Chris Sherland 2002

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This review was published on Saturday, July 02 2011; Last modified on Wednesday, May 18 2016