Classic Publications | Luftwaffe Colours, Volume Two Section 2

Reviewed by Mark Proulx

Classic Publications
Luftwaffe Colours; Volume Two Section 2
Battle of Britian; Phase Two; August-September 1940
Soft cover 9" X 12"
Approx 200 photos
30 Color profiles
94 Pages
ISBN 1 903223 06 7

Jagdwaffe by Classic Publications is a series of volumes about the evolution of camouflage and markings of Luftwaffe fighters of WW II.

The latest book in the series has just arrived at this reviewer's desk. This is a review of Part Two, of what will ultimately be a four part series on the Battle of Britain, written by Dave Wadman and Martin Pegg with photos and German pilot biographies from Eric Mombeek. This issue covers the period from 13th August - 6th September 1940.

Continuing with the same format as all the previous soft cover texts in this series, the book is printed on high quality gloss paper. It is lavishly illustrated throughout with black and white photos, many never previously published. Understandably, due to the time period, there are very few colour pictures included. There are informative captions for each photo and the comprehensive text includes several first hand accounts by Jagdwaffe pilots. The book also includes Allied and German biographies for many famous pilots, including those of Galland and Canadian ace, Willie McKnight.

Thirty colour side profiles, thoroughly researched by authors Wadman and Pegg and completed by artist Tom Tullis, are also included. As with the photos, many of these side profiles are shown here for the first time. Black and white photos of the subject accompany each colour side profile thereby allowing the readers to draw their own conclusions if necessary. In addition, many unit badges and personal emblems are also illustrated in colour throughout the book. These have been published using the best of the publisher's, authors and artist's interpretation.

The subject of Luftwaffe camouflage and markings is difficult for many to understand. Only recently has a clear understanding started to evolve in this fascinating era of aviation history. The authors offer up their considerable expertise in this area. They deliver what is probably the most comprehensive study ever published on this subject, to date.

Classic Publications are among premier book publishers in business today. I highly recommend this series of books to any avid modeller or historian with an interest in German fighters of WW II.

© Mark Proulx

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