Pen & Sword (Frontline Books) | Focke-Wulf Fw 190: The Latter Years

Reviewed by Kevin Williams

Publisher: Pen & Sword
Author(s): Chris Goss
Publishing date: 2023
ISBN: 978-1-3990-47389-940-7 (Softcover)
Pages: 180

A continuation of the Air War Archive series, this volume, while not indicating such, is actually volume two of what I hope will eventually become a three volume set, so as to include the incredibly gorgeous long nose D series, which is noticeably absent both here and in volume one. My only real exposure to this series previously, is the volume dealing with the beautiful Dornier Do 17, and like that book, this one is absolutely super populated with Fw 190 short nose photos. It's all here, folks, prototypes, experimentals, day fighters, night fighters, Rammjägers, Wilde Sau and Jabo machines, so plenty of Fw 190's (respectfully referred to unofficially as "The Butcher Bird") are depicted here,...really grand stuff. As one might expect, the photos themselves are a mix of razor sharp types, and some not so well focused and somewhat fuzzy shots, which I personally do not see as a degradation of what is offered here.

The Fw 190, being known and respected (if not actually revered) the world over, is certainly a subject that receives a lot of attention from the modeling community, and I heartily applaud that, being a huge fan myself.

No modeling here, which very much pleases me, just gobs and gobs of good '190 "stuff".

Pen & Sword, having published tons of books over the years, is really on a roll here with this particular series, which includes (so far) the Messerschmitt Bf 109, Junkers Ju 88, Focke-Wulf Fw 200 and Heinkel He 111, in addition to the aforementioned Dornier Do 17. (Now if they'd just crank out an equally nice volume on the Dornier Do 24!)

Photo Samples

At present, there are a few 1:32 kits of the Fw 190, ranging from the Hasegawa and Revell samples, to announced kits in both 1:32 and 1:35 scales (Zoukei-Mura and Border), as well as the classic Airfix 1:24 kit, so plenty of large scale options for the modeler to choose from.

For those with a passion for the Butcher Bird, I can highly recommend this volume. Buy a copy, you will not be disappointed.


On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d rate this book as a solid 10, no question about it. Topping out at a nice 180 pages of short nose Fw 190 coolness, it's a very nice overall look at a very well known combat aircraft, and is therefore highly recommended.

My review copy compliments of Casemate Publishers. Thanks a ton to Casemate, it's a great book to add to my Fw 190 library (which is already extensive).

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