WingLeader | Photo Archive Number 8: de Havilland Vampire in RAF and Overseas Service

Reviewed by Iain Ogilvie

Wingleader Photo Archive 8: de Havilland Vampire in RAF and Overseas Service

Looking for reference material for the recently released de Havilland Vampire kits from Infinity, I came across this recently published 'photo album' style book - written and pulled together by Andrew Thomas, and published just over a year ago.

Previous releases by this publisher have been well received, and have featured many previously unseen photographs portraying their relevant subject matter. There aren't a huge number of books out there on the Vampire, so I was very keen to get hold of a copy.


The book is broken down into the following topics:

The book contains some great photographs, approximately 120 in total, along with a number of beautifully done artworks.

It's not a 'technical manual', or 'walkround', type publication; it's more of use for period colour schemes and general photographic views, rather than as a dedicated technical reference.

Some imagery that should give a taste of the content, and quality, of this publication:


If you've got one of the new Infinity Vampire kits kit then this book is highly recommended - some great photos, illustrations and information that should provide plenty of inspiration.

Review copy courtesy of my wallet, and obtained via the Aviation Book Centre here in the UK, who's customer service is absolutely superb and I recommend very highly!

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This review was published on Wednesday, October 26 2022; Last modified on Saturday, October 29 2022