Key Publishing | Hawker Typhoon

Reviewed by Kevin Williams

Publisher: Key Publishing
Author: Tony Buttler
Publishing Date: 2021
ISBN: 978-1-913870-90-4
Pages: 128

This is my first experience with Key Publishing, and I must say that I really like what I see here. Always one to gobble up "any" new references on the Typhoon, I just naturally had to check this book out.

Many will recognize the name Tony Buttler, as he is a rather prolific author, penning many of the Warpaint volumes (Hall Park Books).

This particular book, obviously explores the truly iconic Hawker Typhoon, on of my personal WWII favorite aircraft, and it certainly does not disappoint. Unlike many of it's contemporaries, this volume wastes precious little space on the Tornado or Tempest, and that suits me just fine.

The Hawker Typhoon (both bubble top and car door versions alike), are stalwart subjects amongst many modelers, and are both well represented here. I'm particularly pleased with the real "at work" type of photos presented here in black & white. While there are naturally quite a few photos presented that I've seen several times before, there are also quite a few that I've never encountered, and are very welcome additions to my Typhoon library. There are but a scant few color photos, and no color illustrations at all in this volume, but again, that suits me just fine, as that sort of thing appears readily elsewhere. Large scale modelers are able to choose from either the antiquated 1:32 Revell (car door), newer Airfix 1:24 version(s), or the MDC (bubble top) 1:32 kits, though the latter may be quite hard to find right now.

Typical Photo Quality to be Found Throughout

To me, the high point of this volume, is the overall appeal of the subject matter (I am a Typhoon addict after all), all packaged in a smooth, attractive presentation. I'm not sure there's a breakdown given of the differences between standard Typhoon I.D. stripes and invasion stripes (they're distinctly different), but that data too, is readily available from other sources, so not really a big deal, speaking strictly for myself.

I'll have to say that, to me, this book is very good value, given the overall intensity of the content.

For any and all Typhoon fans out there, this book is most definitely recommended.

(Not a selling point, as such, but the cover has a nice tactile "feel" to it, reflecting, in my opinion, a dedication to overall quality of presentation that I very much like.)

On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d rate this book as a solid 10, no question about it. For the vaunted ground attack Typhoon enthusiasts out there, I see this as a volume you may well want to add to your library. I know I'll certainly cherish mine.

My review copy compliments of Casemate Publishers. Many thanks to Casemate, it's truly an outstanding book on my much beloved Typhoon, really top-notch stuff, and I'm thrilled to now have it.

Footnote: Key Publishing has several other interesting volumes, either ready to go, or soon to be published, and I'll be taking a look at a few of those in the near future, which I now eagerly look forward to.

© Kevin Williams 2022

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