CMK | 5142 DH.82A Tiger Moth Wing Tank Correction Set

Reviewed by Iain Ogilvie


As covered in our review of the ICM Tiger Moth kit, the upper-wing fuel tank suffers from the limitations of the injection moulding process, especially the fluting on the vertical sides, so this resin alternative offers a real improvement to the accuracy of an otherwise great kit, as well as being a 'plug and play' swap for the kit supplied item.

Resin Castings

These are cast in a pale grey/green resin and are up to CMK's usual high levels, with fine surface detailing and crisp casting.

As with other reviews, I'll let the photos do the talking...


Not a lot needed by way of instructions, but CMK provide a single sheet covering fitment of the tank details, along with info on other items available for the ICM Tiger Moth kit.


A really nice set that will improve the look of your Tiger Moth, without breaking the bank!

Very highly recommended!

Review sample courtesy of my wallet.


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This review was published on Sunday, March 27 2022; Last modified on Sunday, March 27 2022