Matterhorn Circle | MC32018: 1/32 F-5 E/F Tiger II

Reviewed by Jean-Paul Poisseroux

Switzerland is a small and very pretty country, neutral and very discreet. Aviation has never lagged behind. They went from the propellers to the jet engine without problems. After the P-51 Mustang, the de Havilland Vampire became the first jet aircraft. The Hunter, the Mirage (were), the F-5 Tiger II and the Hornet (are) the sky’s guardians. "Swiss quality and precision" are at the rendezvous on the Tiger II decals.

You’ll find the six different Staffel:

Twelve serials are proposed:

Ten F-5E Aircraft Decorations

Two F-5F Aircraft Decorations

As usual, the first pages printed show the maintenance, stencils, markings painted on the aircraft, left/right/top/under surfaces.

It’s very clear, no mistakes for you to place them correctly. The quality printed is first class (as usual), thin, good color.

Priced at CHF30 (US$33.00), these decal represent good value for the modeller.

For the F- 5E , you’ll use the Hasegawa (early/last version aircraft), Revell (last version aircraft), Kitty Hawk (last version aircraft).

The oldest kits (Hasegawa/Revell) are good, the panels are raised. You can rescribe them to get a new standard. You can added the resin cockpits if you want. The last kit arrived (from Kitty Hawk) has engraved surface detail.

For the F-5F, Kitty Hawk has producing this 2-seater version.

These decals are highly recommended. Available from M32018: c-one.

© Jean-Paul Poisseroux 2020

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