BarracudaCast | BR24413: F6F Hellcat Cross Tread Wheels

Reviewed by Andrew Birnie

Providing an alternative tread pattern to the kit-supplied tyres, comes this exceptional set from BarracudaCast, which are a huge step up in overall detail from those in the kit.

Flawlessly cast in yummy cream resin, the set consists of four parts, and a concise and clear set of instructions on how best to remove the casting blocks, and excess from between the wheel spokes.

Though not as commonly used as the diamond tread tyres, the cross tread was still used by the USN, FAA, and the French Air Force.

Review copy courtesy of Barracuda Studios, available direct, or from retailers Worldwide.

© Andrew Birnie, 2020

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This review was published on Wednesday, April 15 2020; Last modified on Wednesday, April 15 2020