AMS Resin | 335 gallon tank inserts for 1/32 Trumpeter F-100D AMS-32003

Reviewed by Randy Bumgardner

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If you wanted to get a set of 335 gal. drop tanks for the 1/32 Trumpeter F-100D, you would have had to make them yourself. They didn't come in the box with the rest of the parts Trumpeter supplied. Trumpeter gives the modeler the 275 gallon drop tanks, which are okay for any pre-1965 schemes. However, for any post-1965 Hun, you'll need the 335 gallon drop tanks - which are basically the 275's with a 28" plug installed. So, AMS Resin to the rescue.

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Harold Offield, of AMS Resin, helps the modeler build those 335 gallon tanks. This set includes the tank inserts, corrected pylons, and a corrected RWR fairing. All of the parts are molded in grey resin and are flash free as well as bubble free. The detail on the parts, especially the pylons and RWR fairing, is fine and nicely subtle. The instruction sheet is clear and concise. It provides easy to follow directions about each modification. The instructions also warn the modeler of the out of round tanks in the Trumpeter kit and that some sanding may be required.

All in all, this is a great detail set that opens up new possibilities for F-100D schemes, especially Vietnam Huns. If you want to do a mid- to late-1960's Hun, then this set may be a necessity.

Highly recommended.

Review sample courtesy of Harold Offield at AMS Resin.

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