Aerocraft Models | Hellcat F6F-5 (Early) Conversion with Decals for MINSI III

Reviewed by Andrew Birnie

Probably the most famous Hellcat is Minisi III as flown by David Campbell, Carrier Air Group 15's commander, and the most successful pilot in US Navy history - he scored at least twenty of his thirty-four kills flying this specific aircraft.

The set comprises of a small decal sheet providing the necessary markings, the others being utilised from the kit, and two clear resin parts for the rear cockpit windows found on this early F6F-5.

The decals are superbly printed, nice and thin, the two resin parts have wonderfully clear windows, and only require two simple cuts to remove the excess kit parts.

Very highly recommended, allowing the modeller what is, arguably, the most significant aircraft in US Navy history.

Set kindly supplied by Ali at Aerocraft Models.

© Andrew Birnie 2020

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This review was published on Saturday, February 22 2020; Last modified on Saturday, February 22 2020