AMS Resin | P-47M/N Props and Wheels

Reviewed by Ray Peterson


This is a quick review of a couple of recent products produced by Harold of AMS Resin. They provide some updates for the Trumpeter P-47N and the Hasegawa late P-47M props and wheels.

Parts Described

The props are a first I believe for 1/32nd scale in reproducing the Curtiss asymmetric paddle blade cuffed with the tapered cuff. The Curtiss prop is available in the kits, but with the earlier straight cuff, not this later tapered variant.

The wheels are some of Harold's nicest to date, in my opinion, with clear detailing including lettering on the sides. I have included a shot of one with a roughly (very roughly) applied wash to better see the detail. Note there is another late P-47 wheel out there, but it has circumferential tread which appears mostly on post-war aircraft. This one has the cross-hatch tread most often seen during wartime.

As an added bonus, Harold includes with the props the Bendix Scintilla magneto and prop governor.

All parts are very cleanly cast with no air bubbles noted and little in the way of flash and just small pour stubs to remove.


These are nicely done accessories for the P-47N/M Thunderbolt.

Highly Recommended

Available direct from AMS Resin. PM Harold directly for more information.

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This review was published on Monday, May 27 2019; Last modified on Tuesday, May 28 2019