Wings & Rigging | Bristol F.2B "The Crocodile"

Reviewed by Kent Karlsen

The Wingnut Wings Bristol F.2b kit is 'tackled' by master modeller Chema Martinez. The A4 and 66 pages book contains a lot of photos (and some very intimidating) but the 'magic' is somewhat broken down into 'digestible' bits with a very nice structure and a lot of step by step illustrations. They give you an insight into the different techniques and materials used in this build. Your are almost invited into building a Crocodile yourself.


The technical part is what I enjoy the most, you get some nice tips to everything you need to know on rigging and painting fabric covering etc. The materials you need to accomplish something like this, or less, is described in detail along the way.


This is as good as it gets and for most modellers it's way beyond what you'd ever get close to. But that said, it is also VERY inspirational and you can implement the techniques showed here, in every WWI build, and not only Wingnut Wings. If you are into 'skeletal' aircraft, this book is a must. A big thumbs up for Chema!

Highly recommended.

Compliments: My pocket.

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This review was published on Wednesday, December 12 2018; Last modified on Wednesday, December 12 2018