Albatros Productions | Pfalz D.IIIA at War!: Volume Two

Reviewed by Kevin Williams

The "At War" series of Datafile Specials from Albatros Productions, offer up a unique look into the world of the subject WWI aircraft, with a look at the aircraft during the wartime years. Adding up to around 33 pages, this is a compact, but visually interesting and informative volume.

This particular volume (as well as volume one), is authored by Greg Van Wyngarden, a very well known WWI aviation author.

Anyone with even a passing interest in WWI aviation, is usually familiar with the extensive line of publications offered by Albatros, and the overall quality that is typical from them. This volume is certainly no exception, offering forth a glimpse into an era long since passed, but hopefully, never forgotten.

Of great interest to me, are the myriad schemes depicted in the photos that I was otherwise unaware of, having never been seen by me before. Now if we just had some 1/32 decals for some of these schemes.

Also included in the book, is a section devoted to additional references, a nice touch.

Typical Photo Selection/Drawings

The text is augmented with a very nice selection of period photos, as well as nine color profiles (one with plan view), all created by talented and well known aviation artist Ronny Bar.

Rear Cover

Rear cover offers up four more nice profiles (of the 9 total) by Ronny Bar. Note: Drawings are numbered 10-18, following on from volume one.


All in all, I'd recommend this book without any reservation at all. At a modest 33 pages, this volume makes for a nice addition to the library, and may well prove invaluable when I attempt to eventually model one of my own 1:32 sale Pfalz kits.

If you have but even a passing interest in WWI aviation, this series of "at War" books (as well as indeed all of the other Datafiles), may just convert you into a fan.

Review copy compliments of my poor wallet.

© Kevin Williams 2018

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