Videoaviation | 164432: 1/32 CBU 103/104/105/ WCMD

Reviewed by Ray Peterson

Recently released is this nicely done set of CBU 103/104/105 WCMD, or Wind Compensated Munitions Dispenser, bombs.

The set, provided in a nice protective plastic container, includes enough for four incredibly detailed bombs. There are twenty beautifully cast resin parts, including several extra of the tiny support loops. You may decide to replace these with very fine wire placed in pre-drilled holes if you want to make them carry the weight of the bombs or are worried about bumping them during construction.

There are also two small sheets of decals included with twenty stencil markings, including four “remove before flight” ribbons. The back of the product title card provides the instructions, including simple assembly, color, and decal locations.

I don’t have a good set of dimensions to check the accuracy of the set, but the bombs look very good in shape when compared to photos. The fins are depicted in their folded configuration, which of course is correct for hanging on an aircraft as the fins only deployed when dropped.

They will look really fine hanging from your modern ground-pounders.

Highly Recommended.

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This review was published on Friday, February 17 2017; Last modified on Sunday, February 19 2017