Eduard Brassin | 632057 Fw 190 Undercarriage Legs - Bronze (for Revell kit)

Reviewed by Iain Ogilvie

Another Fw 190 set in the Eduard Brassin range - this time an absolutely beautiful set of cast Bronze main undercarriage legs and resin doors.

The Parts

Whilst there are a number of aftermarket companies producing replacement metal legs to improve on the strength of kit supplied plastic parts, they are often a soft white metal with little, or no, advantage of the kit parts. However, when done in Brass, or Bronze (both far more difficult and expensive to cast) you have something that really does add strength, as well as detail to a build. These legs are really nice - with sharp casting and detail, with virtually no clean-up required - just paint and fit!

The set also includes a nicely detailed, and perfectly cast, pair of main undercarriage doors to replace those in the kit. Once again these are 'plug and play' and could, no doubt, have the lower sections removed if required for a particular subject with minor surgery.

Instructions and Masks

Eduard's usual clear and concise instructions with colour call outs are provided although they are, given the 'plug and play' nature of this set, very basic.


Another high quality addition to Eduard's Brassin range. A great addition to any Revell Fw 190F-8 build that could probably be used with other Fw 190 projects subject to a little work to fit.


© Iain Ogilvie 2016

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This review was published on Thursday, July 28 2016; Last modified on Tuesday, May 30 2017