Eduard Brassin | 632055 Fw 190F-8 Wheels (for Revell kit)

Reviewed by Iain Ogilvie

Another set in the Eduard Brassin range for the Revell Fw 190F-8, these wheels should be equally usable (with perhaps minor modification) on the gear legs of other manufacturers' Fw 190 kits.


All the components are this set are cleanly cast in light grey resin and are superbly detailed, with separate hubs (simplifying painting) and a beautifully subtle 'weighted tyre sag' look. As well as the main-wheels, the set includes a really nice replacement tail-wheel.

Instructions and Masks

Eduard's usual clear and concise instructions with colour call outs are complemented by a nice set of pre-cut Kabuki tape masks.


Another high quality addition to Eduard's Brassin range. A great addition to any Revell Fw 190F-8 build.


© Iain Ogilvie 2016

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This review was published on Thursday, July 21 2016; Last modified on Tuesday, May 30 2017