Kagero | Topcolors Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX

Reviewed by Iain Ogilvie

This Kagero TopColors publication combines a fully illustrated softback book of high quality profile drawings combined with two sheets of decals that, when combined with national insignia and stencils from other sources, enable the modeller to produce any of the subjects covered.

Whilst published some time ago my digging them out for the current Edgar Brooks Spitfire Tribute build brought to light that we've not reviewed them previously and so better to cover them now than after I've started cutting them up!


Subject followed are as follows:

Mk IXc BS403, UZ-K, No 306 (Polish) Squadron, RAF Northolt 1943 - flown by Squadron Leader Kazimierz Rutkowski.

Mk IXc BS556, RF-G, No 303 (Polish) Squadron RAF and LF Mk IXc SM147, Z, No 73 Squadron RAF.

LF Mk IXc PV181, RAB, No 132 (Norwegian) Fighter Wing - flown by Wing Commander Rolf Arne Berg.

LF Mk IXc PV181, WX-D, No 302 (Polish) Squadron, RAF and LF Mk IXc MJ586, LO-D, No 602 Squadron RAF.

Mk IXc unknown serial, WZ-GJ 'Eleanor' flown by Major Garth Jared, 309th FS, 31st FG USAAF Italy, January 1944.

Mk IXc MJ966, GW-B, No 340 (Free french) Squadron RAF, June 1944.

Mk IXc BS394, GW-Y, No 340 (Free french) Squadron AND LF Mk IXc MH727, JH-T, 317 (Polish) Squadron RAF, September 1943.

LF Mk IXc MJ628, R du V, 324Fighter Wing RAF, flown by Wing Commander Daniel Le Roy de Vivier and Mk IXc BS430, AE-N, 402 Squadron RCAF, flown by Squadron Leader Norman Bretz.

LF Mk IXc WR-F, 40 Squadron South African Air Force, Italy, December 1944.

LF Mk IXe '26', Israeli Air Force mid 1949.

LF Mk IXe '14', Israeli Air Force January 1949.

LF Mk IXc EN354, WD-W, 4th FS, 52nd FG, USAAF, flown by Lt Leonard Helton, 1943.

HF Mk IXc ML148, RY-A, 313 (Czech) Squadron, RAF Mendlesham, spring 1944.

Mk IXc EN520, FL-A, 81 Squadron, flown by Squadron Leader Colin Ray.

LF Mk IXc MK629, HT-V, 154 Squadron RAF, Corsica, Summer 1944.

LF Mk IXc NH571, 5A-L, 329 (Free French) Squadron RAF, flown by S/Lt Raphael Lonbaert, August 1944


This set provides two sheets and covers three scales; 1:72, 1:48 and 1:32. The decals provide codes, serials and specific artwork/badges for each airframe, leaving the modeller to source their own national markings and stencils either from the kit, or elsewhere. The decals look admirably thin and exhibit perfect registration. My only concern being the 'sky' coloured codes which look a little dark to my eye - although this may be fine once applied to the model.


A great combination of inspiration from a set of superb illustrations, combined with decals to suit. Your only problem will be choosing which one to do!

It appears that this set may be out of print at present so I'd recommend you contact Kagero directly for availability. Very highly recommended for all modellers!

Review item courtesy of my wallet.


© Iain Ogilvie 2016

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