Videoaviation | 141432: F-104 Starfighter Mk 25 Luftwaffe Practice Bomb Dispenser

Reviewed by Andrew Birnie

It always seemed something of an anathema that the Starfighter should have been used as a bomber, but that's what happened, as the largest operator Germany also used them in that role, and for training purposes used the Mk 25 practice bomb dispenser.

With the release of the new Italeri kit has come a welcome selection of additional goodies, such as a magnificent miniature Mk 25 from Videoaviation, comprising of twelve crisply cast cream resin parts, replete with with two small decal sheets providing stencils for both the dispenser and practice bomblets, of which there are a choice of two types; one with a rounded front, the other blunt, you get four of each, so you can load out the Mk 25 as you please, bringing a nice point of attention to your model.

This wonderful set will also work on the Revell and Hasegawa kits, though you will need a centre-line pylon, also available from Videoaviation, which is an improvement on the Italeri kit offering.

Thanks to Nicolas Renoult for the following additional photos showing this set in use:

Review sample kindly supplied by Videoaviation, available directly from their website.

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This review was published on Wednesday, December 02 2015; Last modified on Tuesday, April 26 2016