Eagle Editions | EagleCals EC#168: Mosquito FB.Mk. VI

Reviewed by Kevin Futter

We truly live in the Golden Age of modelling, and especially so if you build large scale planes. Who'd have thought that we'd have the prospect of not one, but two 1/32 new Mosquito kits to contend with, especially after having to settle for the ancient Revell kit for so long. Even better, Eagle Editions has now released a set of replacement decals for the Tamiya FB.Mk. VI kit.

Decals are provided for the following four aircraft:

The decals themselves are supplied on two sheets, exquisitely printed by Cartograf:

The printing is crisp and clear, with both colour density and registration being perfect:

As you'd expect these days, the placement guide is in full colour, on a fold-out sheet that also includes descriptions of each aircraft's camouflage, and a stencil placement guide.


This package is a worthy alternative to the kit-supplied decals, especially if, like many of us, you find Tamiya's decals difficult to work with. The quality of the decals themselves is beyond reproach, and I can highly recommend them.

Thanks to Eagle Editions for the review sample.

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This review was published on Thursday, October 29 2015; Last modified on Saturday, March 26 2016