Aviaeology | A0D24005m: 1/24 Canadians in Fighter Command #1: RCAF Mosquitoes Updated and Expanded

Reviewed by Ron Patterson

This is an updated and expanded set of Aviaeology's earlier release for the Airfix 1/24th scale Mosquito Mk VI depicting aircraft from 418 City of Edmonton Squadron.

This new release contains the same markings the earlier release for three high scoring 418 Aces:

Aviaeology has added markings of a forth airframe to the set

The instruction sheets are typical of the standards of Aviaeology decal sets containing a mass of information pertaining to 418 Squadron and these four aircraft. The instructions have been updated to six sheets providing very extensive color and marking information for each aircraft. Options are now given to some color questions not completely known such as the color of Hairless Joe "hair". Three interpretations are now included compared to just one in the former release. Typical to ordering from Aviaeology is an email confirmation of your order accompanied with a full color instruction set in PDF format.

Other new additions to the set include extensive modeling notes on wing bomb loads and fairing information, which is a nice touch.

The decal set come in five separate sheets. They are packaged with a very stout sheet of cardboard to insure there will not be any bending damage during shipping. As I have found with all the Aviaeology sets I have reviewed to date, the decal sheets are flawless in execution, crisp, the color appears correct and they are in absolutely prefect register.

As Mark Proulx pointed out in his review here of this earlier release of this set "The Mosquito Intruders of 418 Squadron were the highest scoring RCAF unit of WW II. Arguably, they displayed some of the most elaborate and colorful nose art applied to this type. Unfortunately, there are still many questions that remain about the various nose art, fuselage code and s/n combinations on their aircraft." This new release offers more options of interpreting some of these questions over the previous release allowing the modeller to follow what they believe to be the most accurate rendition of these air frames.

Aviaeology also offers an airframe stencil set/data series A0D24S05 which can be purchase separately or as a package.

Decals available directly from the Aviaeology eBay Store. These sets have very limited availability, if you are interested do act now. Special note: this set is also available in 1/32 for use with the new Tamiya release.

Highly recommended.

Review sample and images compliments of Aviaeology.

© Ron Patterson 2015

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This review was published on Thursday, August 13 2015; Last modified on Saturday, March 26 2016