Wheeliant (Aires) | 132 002: F-16C/CJ Fighting Falcon Weighted Wheels (Goodyear)

Reviewed by Kevin Williams

Wheeliant (an Aires product line), has set about making a straight swap set of wheels/tires for the F-16C/CJ Viper kit here. Though Aires specifically recommends these for the Tamiya kit, I can see no reason why they wouldn’t work equally well for the Academy version of this spiffy fighter.

The Package Contents

Wheels are molded in what has become the now familiar hard gray resin, and the molded in detail is just stunning: a kit unto itself as it were. I really don’t know what else to say about these, save for the fact that once painted properly, these will undoubtedly make an easy and relatively inexpensive upgrade to your 1:32 Viper kits. A chunk of copper wire is also thoughtfully included to help represent the brake lines, but I have doubts if these alone will be sufficient unto themselves to capture the appearance of the actual lines, but that’s just some serious nit-picking on my own part.


Instructions are included in the form of one small illustrated sheet, that is pretty straightforward and self explanatory, even going so far as to include a small chart of actual tire sizes, a nice touch.

All in all, I can (and do) recommend these as a really cool Viper upgrade, adding much realism and detail to what is frequently an overlooked portion of many models.

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