Aviaeology | A0D32010: 404 Sqn Beaufighters: Black Friday Part 1 and 2

Reviewed by Ron Patterson

Aviaeology has released another special edition series of RCAF Beaufighters – This time a two part series depicting 404 Sqn Black Friday participants (February 9th, 1945) & other later Beaux 404 Squadron - RCAF.

Each series offers 6 out of a total of 12 different subjects to choose from. The combined set covers 6 "Black Friday" participants along with very detailed articles to guide the modeler in rendering the late war R/P set-up and also includes scale illustrations detailing different tail plane configurations.

Each decal set come in three separate sheets. They are packaged with a very stout sheet of cardboard to insure there will not be any bending damage during shipping. Under close inspection I find these sheets flawless in execution, the color appears correct, they are printed in very crisp detail and in absolutely prefect register. Very nice stuff.

Part 1 Provides markings for the following airframes

Part 2 Provides markings for the following airframes

The comprehensive instruction sheet is printed double sided on six letter sized sheets of paper in black and white. The instructions for each set are basically identical containing the same information for all 12 airframes but simply identifying which scheme comes in which set. An interesting feature when ordering from Aviaeology is that after you confirm your order they e-mail you a full color instruction set in PDF format as well.

When I say comprehensive instructions, I mean very comprehensive. These instructions leave absolutely no guess work when it comes to depicting all of these airframes. They are very complete. Information includes:

Decals available directly from the Aviaeology eBay Store. Please note these sets have very limited availability, if you are interested act now!

Highly recommended.

Review sample and images compliments of Aviaeology.

© Ron Patterson 2015

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