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Reviewed by Floyd S. Werner, Jr.

Detail & Scale has been a staple in many model builders' libraries. They were the first to gear their books to the modeler. Now taking that cutting edge a little further, they are one of the first to start a new line of reference books in the digital format.

Bert Kinzey is a well known aviation author and editor for the Detail & Scale series. The series was, and still is, his baby. Health issues forced him from his passion, but now years after recuperating he is back. This is the first ‘eBook’ in this new series. Partnered with illustrator, Rock Roszak, this eBook is everything that we’ve come to look for in a Detail & Scale book. The book is available in iPad and Kindle formats.

So first off, how do I get the new book? I can speak how to do it on an iPad. You must have an iPad and access your iBooks through the iTunes store. Simply search for Detail & Scale. Find the title, since it is the only one it should be easy. Purchase the book and download it. Then just start enjoying it.

The ‘book’ itself is laid out in typical Detail & Scale format but with a twist. After the usual information pages there are some pages that explain how to use a publication in iPad format. The Table of Contents becomes your one click option to move you around the book. The book is broken down in chapters typical of a regular book. To view a photo full size just tap on any picture and viola it is a full page picture. You can even key in on certain items as long as you hold the picture there with your pinch. You can even rotate your iPad to get a landscape view. At the end of each chapter is a photo gallery which contains some really interesting photos. For me there seems to be more information than a book could offer. There are over 340 photographs and 50 art renderings of aircraft profiles, unit logos, and cockpit details.

When the Detail & Scale series was discontinued in 2004 the F3H Demon was the next planned title. The format starts with the developmental history of the Demon. After the developmental history a more detailed look is taken of each variant. A nice new touch is the view from the cockpit with some pilots talking about their time in the aircraft.

The section on operational squadrons which flew the Demon is very informative, especially the modeler. It includes illustrated markings of the units, in photos and drawings. There are plenty of color photos throughout the book.

As is typical of the series, the next section focuses on the details. The digital format allows the inclusion of even more photos.

Of course this is primarily a reference for the modeler. The last section contains all the available models in every scale with comments and photographs of the finished products. It reviews the model kits available and the aftermarket parts that go with them. Of course all the scales are represented. Some great inspirational models are shown.

Another thing that is nice about the digital format is the ability to update information as it becomes available.

The drawings, including the four view drawings, are expertly done. I especially enjoyed the cockpit drawings and missiles complete with the markings. The loadout chart will be of particular use to modelers. The fleet squadrons and their tail codes and markings are very nicely done There is a drawing of one aircraft side profile complete with all the markings along with photos and unit markings. Decal manufacturers would be interested in taking note.

The digital format is an impressive way to build your library, especially when you have limited room for the books. This 280+ page reference is an essential reference for the model builder. When you compare the under $10 cost with the quantity and quality of pages it is an amazing value. If they were to print the book with all this stuff it would be over $60 and you wouldn’t be able to blow up the pictures in such clarity. The quality of the entire book is in keeping with the highest traditions of the Detail & Scale series. The photos are first rate and very useful. The ability to blow pictures up and see things up close will be invaluable to the modeler. The text and captions are well written and very informative. There is a wealth of digital knowledge contained in this iBook, even more than the printed versions of Detail & Scale. I love the new format. My hat is off to Bert and Rock for embracing the cutting edge of reference books, another first for Detail & Scale. An excellent first offering.

Detail & Scale are planning books dealing with the Cougar and Banshee in digital format. To go along with the new format is a web presence on Facebook at and their own website.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to Detail & Scale for the review opportunity. You can obtain your digital copy online at iTunes. I can’t wait for the future releases from Bert and Rock.

© Floyd S. Werner, Jr 2014

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