CAM Decals | #32-073: Tomcat Alley, VF-41 Tomcats

Reviewed by Kevin Williams

One aircraft is covered by this sheet, a single VF-41 F-14A Tomcat, nose number 106. Decals are thin, quite opaque, and perfectly in register (printed by Microscale).

Packaging Top Sheet

General Instructions

Generic decal placement instructions, walking through a recommended application methodology.

Placement Instructions

Included here is a profile, and partial scrap plan view, illustrating decal locations.

Decal Sheet

As stated previously, one scheme is provided, a standard (for the time-frame), gull gray over white, with white vertical tails, black anti glare shield and radome.

All in all, a nice set, from which can be made a mighty handsome F-14A Tomcat.

Recommended Reference/Reading Material

DACO Publications: Uncovering the F-14 Tomcat:

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