Quickboost | QB 32 028: F4U-1 Corsair Ejection Seat with Safety Belts

Reviewed by Kevin Williams

This is a direct replacement seat to be used in any F4U-1 Corsair kit, and has the belts molded on (what I generally prefer). Casting is sharp, crisp and delicate, rendering a seat that with some good detail paint and weathering, will really look spiffy, providing a nice enhancement to pit area.


No instructions are included, but then none are really necessary.


Seat is molded quite clean and sharp. Unfortunately, the delicate nature of the casting led to a busted portion of the seat frame before I ever received my copy. Casting blocks are quite substantial underneath seat, but will be no match for a Dremel, however special care will be needed removing material from seat frames, as they are quite delicate, and could easily be broken without due diligence.

All in all, a very nice adder that will certainly enhance the pit of any 1:32 scale Corsair model.

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AJ Press F4U-1, -4 Corsair:

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This review was published on Monday, January 20 2014; Last modified on Thursday, December 29 2016