Eagle Editions | EP#51-32: 1/32 Late Fw 190A Cockpit Set

Reviewed by Mark Proulx

Eagle Editions has released a 1/32nd scale resin cockpit set for the Fw 190A-8. This set is designed to fit the New Tool Hasegawa kit number ST 21.

Master patterns for this resin set were created using factory manuals and photographs of surrendered aircraft from the end of the war. The cockpit is representative of a standard Fw 190A-8.

The new cockpit from Eagle Editions arrived in their standard plastic shipping container filled with resin parts, photo etch and two pages of detailed instructions. This set includes a number of options:

1. Two styles of rudder pedals2. Optional position control column with boot3. Two seats, one providing a molded on harness and the other without4. JABO or standard instrument panel5. Two styles of MW50 covers6. Chronometer installation

The nine step instructions are printed on a single side of two pages. The first thing that I noticed was that the photos are an improvement from their Dora instructions reviewed here. While similar, they are brighter, easier to understand and view. I would encourage modelers to read the instructions carefully. There is plenty of text that identifies the various modifications that are required of the model. Painting details are included. Unfortunately, no instructions are included for modelers wishing to create the seat harness using the photo etch buckles. Additional reference material should be consulted.

The resin parts are perfectly cast. In my review sample there are no air bubbles and the molded on detail is incredible. The single piece cockpit floor incorporates all side console details. Even a map is visible in the map case! Some smaller details are added from photo etch. The cockpit sidewalls mirror the details of the floor. They are very thin and extreme care should be taken when removing them from their casting block. Eagle Editions also incorporated changes to the instrument panel as it is different from that installed in the Fw 190 D. Check your references carefully so as to match your decals to the type of instrument panel selected.

Two optional seats are included. One has molded on harness detail while the other does not, as some modelers prefer to make their own harness. The seats are crisply cast and very thin. They are even installed into your model similar to the real aircraft using rollers and rails! The seat should really look good after some effective dry brushing.

Eagle Editions makes provisions for the control column to be mounted in two different positions. This is accomplished by supplying the modeler with two choices of column boots mounted at the base. Those modelers wanting complete accuracy or building for contests should ensure the column matches the position of the flight controls.

The upper rear decking is completed with optional MW50 covers. Additionally, the kit fuselage needs to be modified to accept the new resin instrument hood.

Modelers should note that this detail set is not for the feint of heart. Modifications to the model are required. The fuselage halves need to be thinned to accept the replacement cockpit. This is necessary due to the extensive nature of the accurate resin details that have been duplicated. Portions of the kit fuselage also need to be cut away. I am sure that lots of sanding and test fitting will be required. Having said that, I am confident that a stunning cockpit will result for those modelers wanting to create their own Fw 190A masterpiece.

Review sample compliments of Eagle Editions.

© Mark Proulx 2004

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