Scale Aircraft Conversions | A-4E/F Landing Gear (32008)

Reviewed by Kevin Williams

Included in this set are one pair of main gear struts, one nose gear strut, and miscellaneous assorted fittings to complete the set. My example is molded well, nicely detailed, and certainly appears sturdier than kit gear, though perhaps not by much.


Nothing special here, as the metal gear actually need little or no protection, unlike delicate resin parts.

The Parts

Designed for the older Hasegawa kit, I see no reason they wouldn't work equally well on the newer Trumpeter kit. There are no instructions included, but then they're really not necessary, as parts are just direct replacements for kit parts. As is typical of any white metal casting, I'd highly recommend a light buffing with 0000 steel wool to remove the surface oxidation prior to priming with a good metal primer.

A lot has been made of the soft qualities of these sets, but my example is very solid. Perhaps that's just a fluke, I have no idea, as this is the only SAC set I own.

Recommended Reference

Squadron/Signal A-4 Skyhawk Walk Around:

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