Barracuda Studios | BR32059 & BR32061 P-47C/D Block Tread and P-47C/D Cross Tread Mainwheels

Reviewed by Ray Peterson

Two recent releases from BarracudaCast are these accessories for 1/32nd P-47C/D kits, including the Hasegawa, Trumpeter and even the old Revell examples. Each set includes two main wheels proper for the WWII era with your choice of separate spoked or plain solid covers. A nice 5-1/2” x 8” instruction sheet is also included, in color, with a reference picture. Set BR32059 has block tread mainwheels and set BR32061 has cross tread mainwheels.

The tires have smooth sidewalls, and the tread is very crisp. The inserts are perfectly cast. The mainwheels need to be sawed from the casting block, creating a small flat spot to rest the wheels on. The spoked and plain covers must be removed from a thin casting strip but it is not a hard task. The wheels may need some adjustments to be used on the differing sized axles of the various kits.

I went ahead and gave the wheels a bit of wash to better show the detail. The one piece wheels easily best any of the kit wheels in detail – and no seams or vinyl to deal with.

In conclusion, these wheels are beautifully done. They will look great on any of the kits and they should not take much work to fit them.

Highly Recommended!

Thanks to BarracudaCast for the review set.

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This review was published on Saturday, January 11 2014; Last modified on Wednesday, March 09 2016