Kagero | JG 26 Jagdgeschwader "Schlageter"

Reviewed by Radu Brinzan

JG 26 Jagdgeschwader ‘Schlageter’ is a recent publication from the Polish publishers Kagero, created by Marek J. Murawski, number 6 in their “Units” series, catalogue No. 97006.

This 32-page publication comes in an A4 landscape format with gloss thick cardboard covers and beautifully printed gloss pages, all enclosed in a thin and clear transparent plastic wallet. This package also includes one decal sheet with markings for three aircraft described in the book, in scales 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32.

The publication contains 40 beautiful black-and-white photos and vivid colour illustrations of four German planes of various types used by JG 26 during World War 2. In the case of the colour illustrations the colours and markings are thoroughly described as well as significant events that they were involved in.

The text of this publication is entirely in English and covers the activity of the unit from its creation until the end of the war through the following stages:

The book concludes with a number of lists:

The black-and-white photographs cover a wide range of aircraft of various types throughout the war, such as Bf 109 E, Bf 109 G, FW 190 A and FW 190 D. Also featured are a number of well-known pilots that few with JG 26 such as (probably the most famous) Adolf Galland, Josef Priller. Of great interest to fans of dioramas are also photos showing the planes during servicing, replenishing or just placed in a busy airfield setting.

The colour illustrations are:

This is yet another beautifully-presented book from Kagero. It is a very clear and concise history of the unit with rich detail and interesting stories, a very useful starting point for anyone interested in the activity of the unit. The quality of the illustrations and the printing are among the best available today. The decals are printed by Cartograf, they are clear, sharp and printed in perfect register.

© Radu Brinzan 2013

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