Barracuda Studios | BR32120: Corsair, Hellcat Wheels - Postwar Tread

Reviewed by Ray Peterson

A recent release from BarracudaCals is this accessory for 1/32nd F4u and Hellcat kits, including the new Tamiya release. The set includes two main wheels with separate spokes and brake inserts. A nice 5-1/2” x 8” instruction sheet is also included, in color, with a reference picture.

The tires include lettering on their sides, and the tread is very crisp. The tread is the only change from the WWII set, this tread being developed for paved landing strips. The inserts are perfectly cast. Using the brake insert on its own the wheel fits the Tamiya Corsair. With a small added insert, the wheels can be used on other F4u kits.

Assembly Notes

I went ahead and assembled one of the WWII tread wheels(the only difference between the two sets is the tread) just to see how it looked built up. It goes together quite easily and fit is good. You can see in the pictures the resin wheel in comparison to the Tamiya kit wheel. The kit wheel is of course in vinyl which presents problems in removing seams and finishing, as well as its tendency to attract dust. The resin wheels will not have that problem. Barracuda has added detail to the inside rim that you can see through the spokes of the wheel. A thin tab gives the proper alignment. The resin wheels also include a small flattened area.

Note: if you get an early production set of these wheels, you will find a small error. The wheel backs are exactly the same when they should be handed. If you are using this set on a Tamiya kit, just use the opposite Tamiya back and you are set. If you are using them on a Trumpeter or Revell kit, simply chisel the fitting off of one side, move it to the other side. Then once you add the small insert for use on non-Tamiya kits, make sure to rotate the wheels so they sit as mirror images to each other. Done! You can also contact Barracuda Cals and ask for a corrected part.

In conclusion, these wheels are beautifully done. They will look great on the Tamiya kit or any other kit, and should not take much work to fit them to any kit.

Highly Recommended!

Thanks to BarracudaCals for the review set.

© Ray Peterson 2013

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