Contact Resine | 1/24 P-51 Wheels

Reviewed by Vernon Rabbetts

Contact Resine have very kindly sent through their latest wheel set for review.

This French producer has obviously listened to the market-place and produced two versions of the same tyre/wheel set, one of which is weighted and the other which is not.

So let's get the weighting issue out of the way now. Either you like this or you don't, if you do, you'll want these as the weighting is far more restrained than on the MiG-21 or Hornet set I reviewed earlier. Of course if you don't like weighting you'll look instead at the unweighted tyres.

The casting on both sets is excellent, the sharpness of the detail is beautiful and the diamond tread pattern looks very good - possibly a bit "brand new" but there's nothing necessarily wrong with that.

However, there is something about this set that doesn't seem quite right and I think it comes down to the width of the tyre being too narrow against the width of the wheel hub.

I must add the caveat that I may be wrong on this, the nearest P-51D is in Australia, so measuring to make sure is a little difficult.

So where does that leave us?

From my perspective, I have two sets of high quality resin wheel replacements for my Airfix P-51D which will look better and last much longer than the plastic and rubber kit supplied items. So I personally will use one of these sets without even thinking about it. However, if you are a die-hard accuracy nut, or a Mustang Mutt then you may want to look at these sets twice before buying one, the choice is after all, ultimately yours.

© Vernon Rabbetts 2005

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This review was published on Saturday, July 02 2011; Last modified on Wednesday, May 18 2016