Finally! LSP merchandise!

Show your support for LSP in real style!

Let's show everyone that size does matter!

We've started with a simple coffee mug, but we'll be adding shirts and mouse pads and all kinds of cool stuff. Right now we're limited to the LSP logo, but once we get our retail feet on we'll be asking some of you permission to use your models as well!! Step right up and get your own LSP mug, then fill it with coffee, or Mr Surfacer, or Gap Filler, or whatever your poison is.

If you don't have Adobe Flash, or don't want it, get your mugs directly from Zazzle.

Keep in mind, for each LSP item you buy from the zazzle/LSP store, some money goes to LSP as well, so you'll be showing your support in the most direct way ever. LSP overhead isn't that much, only four or five hundred dollars per year right now, but it is growing and we can use all the help we can muster!