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Confound & Destroy: 100 Group and the Bomber Support Campaign
Author(s): Streetly
Publisher: Jane's (1978)
History of the German Night Fighter Force: 1917-1945
Author(s): Aders
Publisher: Jane's (1979)
How to Fly and Fight in the Mikoyan MiG-29 Fulcrum
Author(s): Lake
Publisher: Jane's (1998)
Luftwaffe Test Pilot
Author(s): Lerche
Publisher: Jane's (1980)
Mighty Eighth War Manual
Author(s): Freeman
Publisher: Jane's (1984)
Mosquito: A Pictorial History of the D.H.98
Author(s): Birtles
Publisher: Jane's (1980)
Mustang: A Documentary History of the P-51
Author(s): Ethell
Publisher: Jane's (1981)
RAF Bombers, Part 2
Author(s): Green, Swanborough
Publisher: Jane's (1981)
RAF Fighters, Part 3
Author(s): Green, Swanborough
Publisher: Jane's (1981)
The Spitfire Story
Author(s): Price
Publisher: Jane's (1982)
Wings of the Navy
Author(s): Brown
Publisher: Jane's (1980)