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Reference Details for Regia Aeronautica: Colori e Insegne 1935-1945

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TitleRegia Aeronautica: Colori e Insegne 1935-1945
AuthorsEmiliani, Ghergo, Vigna
Types CoveredAr 96, AVIA Fl.3 (AVIA.3), B-24, Beaufighter, Bf 109G, BR.20M, Br.65, Breda 25 (Br.25), Breda 27 (Br.27), Breda 28 (Br.28), Breguet 693 (Br.693), Bu 131, Ca.111, Ca.123, Ca.133, Ca.136, Ca.309 Ghibli, Ca.310, Ca.313, Ca.313, Ca.314, CR.25, CR.32, CR.42, D.520, Do 17K, Fi 156, Fiat G.50, Fiat-Ansaldo 17 (FA.17), Fiat-Ansaldo 29 (FA.29), Fiat-Ansaldo A.120 (FA.120), Fiat-Ansaldo AC.3 (FA.3), Hawker Fury, Hurricane, Ju 87B, Ju 87D, Ju 88A, LeO.451, M.70 (MC.70), MC.200, MC.202, MS.233, Nardi FN.305, Nardi FN.315, Nardi FN.315, P.32, Piaggio P.X (P.10), Potez 63.11 (Po.63.11), Re.2000, Re.2002, Ro.1, Ro.37, Ro.41, Ro.43, Rogazarski Fizir (Rogozarski Fizir), Rogazarski PVT (Rogozarski PVT), SABCA S.47 (SABCA.47), SM.55 (S.55), SM.62, SM.73, SM.75, SM.75, SM.79, SM.81, SM.83, SM.84, twin-engined SM.79B, Z.1007, Z.501, Z.506
Cockpit DetailsBr.20M bombardier's position (fig. 16), SM.79 gun position (fig. 61)
Wheel Well Details
Other Details
Cutaway Drawings
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings PatternsNational insignia (fig. 3-14); PHOTO of House of Savoy crest (fig. 2)
Specific Markings ProfilesBf 109G-6 (fig. 131b), Ca.111 (fig. 16a), Ca.313 (fig. 131a), CR.42 in Luftwaffe Nachtschlachtgruppe markings (fig. 136b), D.520 (fig. 131c), Fi 156C (fig. 117b), Hurricane I (fig. 117a), MC.202 (fig. 16b), P.32 (fig. 13a), SM.79 (fig. 13b)
NotesFigures numbered, but not pages

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