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Reference Details for Die Deutsche Luftrüstung 1933-1945, Band 3: Flugzeugtypen Henschel - Messerschmitt

Book Cover
TitleDie Deutsche Luftrüstung 1933-1945, Band 3: Flugzeugtypen Henschel - Messerschmitt
PublisherBernard & Graefe Verlag
Types CoveredHENSCHEL Hs 121 V1, Hs 122A-0, Hs 123 V1, Hs 123 V5, Hs 123B-2, Hs 124 V1, Hs 124 V2, Hs 125, Hs 126 V2, Hs 126A-2, Hs 127 V1, Hs 129 V1, Hs 129B-1, Hs 129B-3, Hs 130A-0, Hs 130B-0, Hs 130C-0, Hs 132; HORTEN Ho V, Ho VIII, Ho IX V1, Ho IX V2 (Go 229 V2), Ho XIII; HÜFFER HB 28; JUNKERS W 33L, W 34he, G 38, Ju 46, K 47, Ju 49, A 50, A 50L, K 51, Ju 52/1m, Ju 52/3m, Ju 53 (K 53), Ju 60, EF 61 V5, Ju 86 V5, Ju 86C-1, Ju 86D-1, Ju 86E-2, Ju 86G-1, Ju 86P-1, Ju 86R-1, Ju 86Z-7, Ju 87 V1, Ju 87 V4, Ju 87A-1, Ju 87B-1, Ju 87C-0, Ju 87D-1, Ju 87D-5, Ju 87D-7, Ju 87G-1, Ju 88 V1, Ju 88 V3, Ju 88 V5, Ju 88 V44 (Ju 188 prototype), Ju 88A-0, Ju 88A-4, Ju 88A-5, Ju 88A-15, Ju 88B-0, Ju 88C-1, Ju 88C-5, Ju 88C-6, Ju 88D-1, Ju 88G-1, Ju 88G-6, Ju 88P-1, Ju 88P-2, Ju 88R-2, Ju 88T-1, Ju 89 V1, Ju 90, Ju 160, Ju 188A-1, Ju 188E-1, Ju 188F-1, Ju 252 V1, Ju 287 V1, Ju 288 V1, Ju 288 V2, Ju 288 V9, Ju 288 V14, Ju 290 V1, Ju 290 V3, Ju 290A-1, Ju 290A-5, Ju 352 V1, Ju 388 V2, Ju 388L-0, Ju 388K-1, Ju 390 V1; KLEMM Kl 25 IA, Kl 25D, Kl 26 IIA, Kl 31 V, Kl 32, L 33, Kl 35A, Kl 35B, Kl 35bW, Kl 35D, Kl 36B, Kl 105, Kl 106, Kl 107; KIEL FK 166; LIPPISCH DM 1; LIPPISCH (MESSERSCHMITT) DM 1, Me 163 V2, Me 163 V4, Me 163 V6, Me 163B, Me 263 (Ju 248), Me 329 mock-up; MESSERSCHMITT M 35, M 36, Bf 108B, Bf 109 V1, Bf 109 V7, Bf 109 V15, Bf 109B-1, Bf 109B-2, Bf 109C-1, Bf 109D-1, Bf 109E-3, Bf 109E-4/B, Bf 109F-1, Bf 109F-4, Bf 109F-5, Bf 109G-0, Bf 109G-1, Bf 109G-6, Bf 109G-10, Bf 109G-12, Bf 109K-2(?), Bf 110 V1, Bf 110B-1, Bf 110, Bf 110C-4, Bf 110C-5, Bf 110D-2, Bf 110E-1, Bf 110G-4, Bf 161 V1, Bf 162 V2, Me 208 V1, Me 209 V1, Me 209 V2, Me 209 V5, Me 210 V1, Me 210A-1, Me 261 V2, Me 262 V1, Me 262 V2, Me 262 V3, Me 262 V5, Me 262 V10, Me 262 S1, Me 262A-1a, Me 262A2-a, Me 262A-3(?), Me 262B-1a/U1, Me 309 V1, Me 321, Me 323B-1, Me 323E-2, Me 328A, Me 328B, Me 410A-1, Me 410A-3, P 1101
Cockpit Details
Wheel Well Details
Other Details
Cutaway DrawingsJu 88A (p. 86), Ju 88 C-5 (p. 92)
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings Profiles
NotesAlso includes descriptions, drawings and photos of models of various paper projects. Only actual aircraft for which book provides photos and/or drawings are noted here.

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