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Reference Details for Pearl Harbor and Beyond: December 1941 to May 1942

Book Cover
TitlePearl Harbor and Beyond: December 1941 to May 1942
AuthorsBridgwater, Scott
PublisherGuideline Publications
Types CoveredAustralia: Wirraway; Japan: A6M2, B5N2, Brewster Model 339D (F2A; in Japanese markings), C5M1, Curtiss Condor (AT-32; in Japanese markings), Curtiss-Wright CW-21B [in Japanese markings], D3A1, DB7C (Boston III; in Japanese markings), E13A1, G3M2, G4M1, Hurricane IIb (in Japanese markings), Ki-15, Ki-21, Ki-27, Ki-30, Ki-34, Ki-43-I, Ki-44-I, P-40E (n Japanese markings); Netherlands: Brewster Model 339D, Curtiss Hawk 75A, Curtiss-Wright CW-21B, Curtiss-Wright CW-22, Hurricane IIb, Martin 139 (B-10), Ryan STM-2; Phillipines: Keystone B-3A, P-26A; USA: A-24, B-17C, B-17D, B-17E, B-18A, Curtiss Hawk 81A-2, F2A-3, F4F-3, O-46A, O-47B, OS2U-1, P-26A, P-35, P-35A, P-36A, P-39D, P-400, P-40B, P-40C, P-40E, SBD-1, SBD-2, SBD-3, PBY-5A, SBD-1, TBD-1; UK: Blenheim I, Blenheim IV, Buffalo I, Catalina Ib, Hudson II, Hurricane IIb, Lysander II, Vildebeest III
Cockpit Details
Wheel Well Details
Other Details
Cutaway Drawings
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings ProfilesAustralia: Wirraway (p. 55); Japan: A6M2 (p. 9-12, 26, 27), B5N2 (inside front cover, p. 16-18), Brewster Model 339 [F3A; in Japanese markings] (p. 29), C5M1 (p. 25), Curtiss Condor [AT-32; in Japanese markings] (p. 68), Curtiss-Wright CW-21B [in Japanese markings] (p. 29), D3A1 (p. 13-15), G3M2 (p. 20), G4M1 (p. 21), E13A1 (p. 18), Hurricane IIb [in Japanese markings] (p. 29), Ki-15 (p. 28), Ki-21 (p. 19), Ki-27 (p. 22, 23), Ki-30 (p. 22), Ki-34 (p. 19), Ki-43-I (p. 24, 25), Ki-44-I (p. 28), P-40E [in Japanese markings] (p. 29); Netherlands: Brewster Model 339D [F2A] (p. 66, 67), Curtiss Hawk 75A (p. 65), Curtiss-Wright CW-21B (p. 64), Curtiss-Wright CW-22 (p. 64), Martin 139 [B-10] (p. 63), Ryan STM-2 (p. 63); Phillipines: Keystone B-3A [in Phillipine markings] (p. 68), P-26A [in Phillipine markings] (p. 68); USA: A-24 (p. 43), B-17C (p. 40, 41), B-17D (p. 40, 41), B-17E (p. 40, 41), B-18A (p. 42), Curtiss Hawk 81A-2 (p. 39), F2A-3 (p. 46), F4F-3 (p. 47), O-46A (p. 41), O-47B (p. 42), OS2U (p. 44), P-26A, P-36A (p. 36), P-35 (p. 43), P-35A (p. 43), P-39D (p. 39), P-400 (p. 39), P-40B (p. 36-38), P-40C (p. 37), P-40D (p. 38), P-40E (p. 38), SBD-1 (p. 44), SBD-2 (p. 45), SBD-3 (p. 44, 45), TBD-1 (p. 46); UK: Blenheim I (p. 58, 59), Blenheim IV (p. 58), Buffalo I (p. 51-53), Catalina (p. 56), Hudson II (p. 57), Hurricane IIb (p. 54, 53), Lysander II, Vildebeest III (p. 56)

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