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TitleFoto-Archiv: Band 11
AuthorsBirkholz (ed.)
PublisherVDM Heinz Nickel
Types CoveredAlbatros C.VI, Albatros D. V, Gotha LE.I, Rumpler C. I, Albatros C.I,
Euler D.I, Breguet 14, Friedrichshafen FF.39, Gotha G.Va, Heinkel HD 30, Dornier JIIf Bos, Junkers G 24, Ju 86Z-1, Hs 122A, DFS “Kranich” II, Go 145, Fw 44, Bu 131, Bu 181, Fw 58C, Klemm Kl 32, Ar 96, He 51, He 70, Bf 109B-2, Bf 109E-3, Klemm Kl 35, Bf 109E-4, Bf 109G-6, Bf 109F-4, Bf 109G-10, Bf 109G-10 (Erla), Spitfire Mk Vb (captured), Fw 190A-8, F190A-2, Me 262A-1ª, Bf 110D-1, Bf 110C, Bf 110E, Me 410, Hs 123, Ju 87, Klemm 25d VIIR, He 46, Me 321, He 177A-1, Ju 88, De Havilland 89 (German Markings), Ju 87D-1, Ju 87R-3, Ju 87ª, Ju 87B, Do 17, Ju 52, Do 23, He 111, He 111P, Do 217K, Do 217E-5, He 111B-1, He 45A, Hs 126, Fw 189, Bf 109G-8, Ar 234, Fi 156, Bf 108, Siebel Fh 104, BV 142, Junkers G-38, Go 242, DFS 230, He 59, BV 138, Cant 506, Ar 196, BV 222, T-33A-5-LO, Piaseki H-21, Sikorsky S-58, HFB 320 “Hansa-Jet”, RF-4E and RF-84.
Cockpit DetailsDo 17 cockpit (p. 68), He 111 cockpit (p.69).
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsPilot of II./JG 3 applying putty to wing surfaces of his Bf109F-4 (p. 36), Hs 293 mounted on wing of Do 217E-5 (p. 70).
Cutaway Drawings
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings Profiles
Notes(This data compilation is copyright © Damian Andrus, uploaded by Kevin Williams) Homage to Charles Metz

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