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Reference Details for Seafire from the Cockpit

Book Cover
TitleSeafire from the Cockpit
PublisherAd Hoc Publications
Types CoveredSeafire, all marks
Cockpit Details
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsArrester wires and supports p. 5, main aerial cable and IFF cables present on converted Spitfire VB (BL676) pp. 6-7, 8, wheel chocks on deck p. 13, RATOG rockets pp. 14-15, 86, wing fold Mk. III p. 16, main aerial cable present on Mk. III (MA970 and LR765), extended arrester hook on nosed-over Seafire p. 19, Seafire IIC landing with hook extended (wire grabbed) and flaps down pp. 20-21, hook extended p. 22, extensively damaged walkway p. 26, hinged down wing tips but unfolded wings on HMS Khedive p. 28, starter trolley on deck pp. 28-29, prototype XV has two types of hooks pp. 32-33, filthy undersurfaces Mk. 46 pp.42-43, sting arrester hook has grabbed the wire pp. 44-45, wing fold Mk. 47 p. 47, lift on HMS Triumph (accident with one Seafire falling down on another in the lift) p. 52, 53, also (notice painted on side ‘BEWARE OF PROPELLERS’) p. 100, with folded wings in hangar HMS Stalker p. 76, sting hook extended p. 90, folded wings of Mk. 47 with cable strung between p. 101, damaged paint and fabric machine gun covers with pale (glue) outline p. 109, noticeable lack of contrast between green and gray top colours on wings and fuselage, still visible on horizontal stabilisers p. 110, very noticeable fasteners on engine panels on Mk. 17 pp. 116-117, 120, 123, same on Mk. 46 (dark on light-coloured panels, light on dark-coloured panels) p. 120 Antenna(s) under starboard wing (streamlined rod, not whip) single IIC pp. 10, 12, 13, double Mk. II p. 25, 63, 70-71, double Mk. III p. 104, single prototype XV pp. 30-31, double Mk. XV SW847 p. 32, double Mk. XVII p. 34, 36 (good shot from underneath, show location very well), 54, Mk. 45 seem to have no (standard propeller) or single antenna (contra-rotating propeller) p. 40, single Mk. 46 pp. 40-41, single Mk. 47 p. 44, 53
Cutaway Drawingspp. 26-27
Multiview Drawings
Generic Camouflage Patterns
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings ProfilesColour profiles, each type is followed by recognition codes, serial number and page. All port side view except where noted.
Spitfire Vb (no code, BL818, p. 129; no code, BL738, p. 130)
Seafire I (AC-A, NX508, p. 129; C1-A, NX957, p. 129)
Seafire II (7R, MB253, p. 129; 8M, LR642, p. 129; D4-Z 3Q, MB312, p. 130; M8-A, MB281, p. 131)
Seafire III (2W, LR856, p. 130; 5P-D, PP984, p. 130; 15-5 (I5-5?) (N on tail), PR240, p. 130; 3Y-E, MB335, p. 130; S129, PR144, p. 131; 2T-L, NN174, p. 131; B, NN574, p. 131; 4B, RX345, p. 131)
Seafire XV/15 (11-4 (Y on tail), SW786, p. 131; four views, no code prototype, NS490, pp. 132-133 102 Q, PR391, p. 134; 107 (10-7?) DL, PR419, p. 134; T, SW805, p. 134; 123 (CH on tail), SW910, p. 135)
Seafire XVII/17 (106 (O on tail), SX302, p. 134; 173 (P on tail), SX340, p. 134; 198 (19-8?) (JB on tail), SX366, p. 134; 126 (CH on tail), SP343, p. 135; 103 (JA on tail), SX122, p. 135; 100 (LM on tail), SX386, , p. 136; 106, SX174, p. 136)
Seafire 45 (569 (LP on tail), LA496, p. 135)
Seafire 46 (105 (CH on tail), LA555, p. 135)
Seafire 47 (132 (O on tail), VP458, p. 135; 174 (P on tail), VP493, p. 136; 180 (P on tail), VP340, p. 136; 166 (CW on tail), VR961, p. 136; 157 (BA on tail), VR969, p. 136)

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