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Reference Details for Mosquito Fighter/Fighter-Bomber Units of World War 2

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TitleMosquito Fighter/Fighter-Bomber Units of World War 2
Types CoveredMosquito NF.II prototype, Mosquito NF.II, Mosquito FB.VI, Mosquito NF.XII, Mosquito NF.XIII, Mosquito NF.XVII, Mosquito NF.XV, Mosquito NF.XIX, Mosquito NF.XXX
Cockpit DetailsNF. II p. 23, 35
Wheel Well Details
Other DetailsMosquito FB.VI cannon bay (p. 52), crew-entry door (p. 59), nose (p. 2, 3, 49, 58), rear part of engine nacelle (p. 56), tail (p. 56)
Cutaway Drawings
Multiview DrawingsMultiview line drawings 1:96 p. 88 of XXX Side view drawing 1:96 p. 89 of NF II, NF XIII, NF XIX, NF XV (latter also front view) Mosquito NF.XV (p. 89), Mosquito NF.XXX (p. 88)
Generic Camouflage PatternsColour profiles, each type is followed by squadron recognition codes, serial number and page.
F prototype (W4052 p. 38)
NF II (RS-B W4087 p. 38; YP-S DD670 p. 38; RX-X DD739 p. 38; TW-A HJ911 p. 39; YP-P DZ706 p. 39; PS-D DD636 p. 39; RS-F W4079 p. 40; VI-P HJ711 p. 40; TW-Z DZ726 p. 40; ZQ-M DZ659 p. 40)
NF II/PR II (DD744 p. 39)
FB VI (VI-C NS997 p. 41; YP-D PZ170 p. 41; 3P-D PZ459 p. 41; TH-T NT137 p. 42; VY-S HK119 p. 42; TH-Z HR147 p. 45; TH-M NS850 p. 45)
NF XIII (NG-X MM469 p. 42; RO-Q MM446 p. 42; RA-I HK500 p. 43; RO-K HK428 p. 43; RO-T HK382 p. 43; KP-D HK425 p. 44)
NF XIX (VI-V MM644 p. 44)
NF XV (DZ385 p. 41)
NF XVII (RX-A HK286 p. 43)
NF XXX (HB-S NT362 p. 44; KZ-L MT487 p. 44; MV564 p. 45; HU-V NT283 p. 45)
Generic Markings Patterns
Specific Markings ProfilesMosquito NF.II prototype (p. 38), Mosquito NF.II (p. 38-40), Mosquito FB.VI (p. 41, 42, 45), Mosquito NF.XII (p. 42), Mosquito NF.XIII (p. 42-44), Mosquito NF.XVII (p. 43), Mosquito NF.XV (p. 41), Mosquito NF.XIX (p. 44), Mosquito NF.XXX (p. 44, 45)

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